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Pregnancy is a stage desired by many women, we know this for sure because it is the process by which life is given. However, when pregnancy is not desired, we look for alternatives to terminate it and one of them is how to abort naturally without having any risks or side effects. 

We can find unwanted pregnancies, either for not having the right age (quite controversial issue), for not being with a loved one, being a victim of sexual abuse, occurring at an inappropriate time, errors in the use of contraceptive methods or for the simple fact of an oversight. All valid, accepted and questionable, but with a great road to travel and understand its meaning.

When pregnancy occurs and is not desired, many doubts come; and it is not for less, since something so important and delicate is in front of us (or inside). Dealing with it involves a series of actions that end with the resolution of not having the baby on the way and thereby interrupting the pregnancy.

For this, many women go to unskilled specialists or doctors since abortion  is not legal in several countries and many clinics do not support such intervention , so going to one with a guarantee is an arduous task. However, nature, once again, plays a great role and offers us several alternatives to assist in the termination of pregnancy. But not by using simple alternatives, its risks are lower.

Types of Abortion

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Home remedies for abortion

It is believed that abortion is simply voluntary or involuntary according to the literature consulted. You can check here the different types of abortion .

Fertilization or singhamia is the process where sperm travel through the fallopian tube and join the already mature ovum. This phase may take hours. The sperm cells can live 72 hours without losing their ability to fertilize and the ovum can reach 12 to 24 hours with productive life.

After fertilization, which occurs when one of the 60 million sperm wins the competition and manages to fertilize the egg, it travels through the fallopian tubes and is fixed in the endometrium, which is already prepared with all the equipment (irrigation , nutrients) to receive the fertilized egg that is called an egg or zygote.

The pregnancy has a period of 36 weeks, starting from fertilization where the embryo is in a process of cell division until the eighth week where it becomes a fetus until birth (although we usually call it a fetus from conception). In the first process, the division will determine the different organs to be formed, the heart being one of the first to function.

Different Alternatives to Abort a Pregnancy Naturally

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We must remember that each woman is different, and that this will be her organism; Everything is unique and reacts in the same way. Treating our body with natural sources is a very good way, but the risk persists and you have to be very cautious.

Natural Abortion Methods

1.- Black Cohosh Herb : is responsible for preparing the uterus for the expulsion of the embryo or fetus. And it is recommended to ingest the red cohosh later, the combination of both herbs does not guarantee the termination of pregnancy and can generate temporary discomforts.

2.- Vitamin C: ascorbic acid, known as vitamin C, has become an option to terminate pregnancy. We can find it in different fruits such as: orange, tangerine, lemon and strawberry. This method is recommended for pregnancies not older than four weeks, and it is necessary to be constant in the intake of foods containing vitamin C. In addition to fruits, it is also valid to opt for supplements containing ascorbic acid such as 500 milligram tablets and complete 12 grams a day.

3.- Cinnamon : it is well known for its effectiveness in inducing abortion . It should be consumed raw, never cooked to take advantage of its properties.

4.- Sesame seeds : they can be immersed in water at night and drink it in the morning, eat a handful of them or add them in regular consumption dishes can help the process.

5.- Parsley tea : parsley, Petroselinum crispum, contains a substance called emenagogue, which stimulates the uterus and generates contractions. The infusion of this tea together with vitamin C helps increase estrogen production and stimulates menstruation, thus eliminating the production of progesterone by interrupting pregnancy. Another way to use it is to massage with the stem by inserting it into the vagina.

6.- Ginger tea : it must be consumed twice a day to achieve a miscarriage in a few days.

7.- Force menstruation: this alternative can be done through several methods, one of them is to take foam baths with hot water, as it stimulates the entire female reproductive system and increases the level of estrogen leading to the presence of menstruation.

8.- Rue : this plant, which occurs in land without crops, can contribute to the termination of pregnancy. A branch of rue should be placed in a liter of water and allowed to boil. It can be consumed with cinnamon once or twice a day.

9.- Recipe with radish : along with half a lemon, half an orange, a grapefruit squeezed two garlic and an onion a smoothie is made. It should only be taken for a week.

10.- Pineapple: rich in vitamin C, it is recommended to take infusions of pineapple in the morning.

11.- Papaya: it is advisable to consume the unripe papaya because it contains more papain which weakens the membranes that support the fetus. You should eat several servings a day to generate the desired results.

12.- Angelica: it is a tea that causes contractions. It should be consumed three to four times a day.

13.- Poleo plant : it is used in a similar way as parsley. Ingesting it can be dangerous, so it is recommended not to do it in large quantities and monitor the effects that may arise, mainly at the liver level.

14.- Cotton root : intervenes in the production of progesterone and generates coordinated contractions to facilitate the expulsion of the fetus.

Each method, however natural, safe and reliable it may seem, should be performed under supervision, not being alone while the treatment is being carried out and being aware of any unfavorable reactions. Once the treatment is finished, it is important to see a doctor to assess the physical and hormonal status. Remember that an intervention, in this case, interruption of the natural process of the organism can have consequences. None of the methods is 100% effective, and some of them are based on outside experiences.

15.- Evening primrose: of North American origin in English, it is extracted from a flower called primula. This oil in combination with other herbs helps the dilation of the uterus and relaxation of the fetus which helps in its expulsion.

The techniques mentioned are not only given by anecdotes, but by a great history in terms of herbs and abortive teas have been known as means of healing since the beginning of our times used in the search for  how to cause a natural abortion . This is how we can delve a little into what herbs, teas and fruits were known and used in ancient times.

This theme is not new, its antecedents are estimated from 23 centuries BC, and many characters in history such as Hippocrates, Plato and Socrates, had mixed opinions against this dilemma. The Greeks and Romans even legislated it. Some communities practiced it according to needs and customs. Thus, several methods were established that allowed the interruption of pregnancy:

Sabina: cited in writings of Pliny and Caton, it was known for its highly abortive properties. From it, a spicy flavor oil was extracted, which, its active ingredient, sabinol, was irritating. It was absorbed by the mucous membranes and was expelled mainly through the urine, acquiring the sui generis smell of the oil and the respiratory tract. Its consequences included gastrointestinal inflammation or congestion of the female reproductive system, seizures, paralysis of the central nervous system and death of the woman without elimination of the fetus on many occasions.

Tujón: similar to rue, arnica, rosemary, sage, among others; which contained the same active substance and abortive function. Its stems were made as an infusion.

Peppermint:  its active ingredient, an acetone, the pulegon, was used mostly in America. It produces seizures, cardiac arrhythmias, loss of consciousness and generalized cooling.

Nutmeg: it was used pulverized and diluted in beer. It contained myristicin oil, like parsley, of toxic action. It is used in Europe, especially England.

Rosemary: it was used together with beer to cause the intoxicating effect. Thanks to its oil (camphor of ledum), it induced nerve paralysis, excitement, convulsions, vomiting, congestion, stertorous breathing and edema.

Saffron: It was a very well known abortive. Highly toxic due to its component, Crocus sativus, causing yellowing of the skin and mucous membranes.

Tansy: its leaves and stems were used as anthelmintic and infused as an abortive method. It was toxic and produced hepatomegaly (enlarged liver), jaundice and high bilirubin levels.

Artemis: plant that contains a toxic ethereal oil. As a consequence of its consumption, its main symptom was respiratory shock.

Male fern: filicic acid and other highly toxic buityric esters were indicated for abortion.

Parsley: one of the most used to date. With its contractile action on the uterine fiber, it causes the manifestation of contractions that allow the expulsion of the fetus. Its most common use is through the creation of infusions.

All these alternatives had high levels of toxicity that concluded with the death of the mother and often did not cause the correct expulsion of the fetus. Its use was diminished and its choice for abortion techniques is counterproductive.

If instead you are looking for a pharmacological option, here you can consult more information about abortion pills .

Homemade Abortions Consequences

While choosing natural methods is beneficial to our health and builds confidence, we should not abuse it. Like any method, it has risks and effects that may occur.

If you suffer from any pathology such as diabetes, hypertension or liver problems it is advisable not to use any of these remedies to abort at home. It is better to inform a doctor.

Wanting to abort at home carries certain risks , making the decision to terminate the pregnancy is not easy and do it at home even more. Performing the process at home usually means that it is done through homemade methods based on teas, herbs and fruits (presented in the article). Many of which have abortive properties known to most but with low guarantees; In addition, their consumption varies depending on how they are prepared.

It is important to investigate and advise before choosing any of the options. The body reacts preventively and causes rejection against foreign or foreign substances, such as allergies and poisonings. You have to take the dose closest to the appropriate one without increasing it because you believe it has no effect. This is difficult because each source indicates a different dose and with preparations containing different ingredients, without a nomenclature to be guided and trusted.

Being pregnant means a highly complex process in which several physical, chemical and psychological processes are altered. Interrupting them can cause temporary or definitive discomfort in women. That is why you should not only have the wide assurance of wanting to abort, but of really knowing how the body can change.

Among the temporary symptoms we have:

  • Fever : product of infections that occur after not applying the necessary hygiene methods.
  • Dizziness : weakness due to heavy bleeding and for a long time lowers hemoglobin levels.
  • Vaginal bleeding : it is the result of the detachment of the endometrium and the fetus. The bleeding can last several hours and even days. It is of utmost care and should be taken care of as soon as possible.
  • Cramps : similar to those of menstruation in greater increase.
  • Emotions : sadness, sensitivity and guilt may be present in the short, medium and long term. Psychological help is necessary.

Medical care is recommended, but you can perform some simple techniques, in harmony with the doctor’s instructions, so you can cope with the symptoms.

  • Massages : to reduce cramps, you can massage the abdominal area with firm downward movements but without mistreating, use the lower part of the hand; The address should be from the navel to the beginning of pubic hair. These massages are performed to position the uterus and discard any clot causing the cramp.
  • Temperature : it is important to control the temperature to rule out fever.
  • Contraceptive methods : Your doctor may prescribe birth control pills to prevent pregnancy. Your body must recover before becoming pregnant again.

Like following some steps to relieve discomforts, it is important to avoid some habits.

  • Use of tampons: should be avoided until the next menstruation (approximately two months).
  • Sexual intercourse: avoid having sex in approximately two weeks. However, the time indicated by your doctor is the one you must respect.
  • Do not use douching
  • Physical activity: you should not do exercises such as running, swimming, lifting weights, etc.
  • Medications: some medicines such as aspirin should be avoided. Those indicated by the doctor should also be avoided.
  • Alcohol: avoid alcoholic beverages, as well as smoking.

Permanent signs can be:

  • Hormonal problems: high or low estrogenic activity, unevenness of the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone and progesterone.
  • Trauma to the uterus and removal of the uterus (hysterectomy).
  • Infertility due to atrophy of the ovaries.
  • Psychological problems
  • Possible ectopic pregnancies, if the woman in the future wants to procreate again.
  • Death.

All symptoms should be evaluated by a specialist as well as the recommendations presented.

Is it possible to abort naturally after 12 weeks of pregnancy?

home abortion remedy

The methods mentioned to abort naturally are recommended for pregnancies not older than 12 weeks, because while the embryo goes into a fetus state, its organs are already beginning to function, the placenta irrigates more nutrients and the mother’s organs begin to position yourself to give space to the new being. All this is a highly complex process; In addition to this, there is a hormonal alteration that compromises the normal functions of women with the aim of preparing it for the development and final delivery of the baby.

To terminate the pregnancy after 12 weeks of gestation it is advisable to see a competent and qualified doctor. The method of choice is surgical and with more invasive implements, which must be maneuvered by an expert. As sustainable as a cheaper option may seem, avoid doing so. Every medical procedure has risks, and putting it in the hands of inexperienced people can cause dire consequences .

Making the decision, whether for social, economic, emotional and health problems, does not indicate that it is a definitive position, and in many cases the woman seeks to conceive in the future, allowing herself to better assess the situation. This period must be established by taking certain measures such as the reason for the interruption, the type of abortion and in what physical and emotional health conditions the woman is.

Some studies of the WHO ( World Health Organization ) establish a period of six months before re-conceiving. Another study in Britain suggests less than six months, and is supported by a series of studies that revealed that once again becoming pregnant before six months the risk of having ectopic pregnancies, pregnancy interruptions, premature pregnancies and of going to caesarean section.

The decision must be accompanied by a very established position; The consequences, as explained briefly, can be lethal and the list may increase depending on internal and external factors, society, family, partners, laws, religion and emotions. Each one establishes his arguments in favor of abortion or against depending on the above.

Today, we can see how women firmly defend the choice to suspend an unwanted pregnancy. Many manifestations stand up for and against this decision, some defending the life of the fetus, others defending the life of the mother and others defending the life itself. All are respectable and with a highly understandable content.

It is a decision to choose which path to take but always thinking about the present and the future. Health is the most important thing, risking it is not an option . The methods to abort naturally without risks do not exist; These consequences are valid, to a lesser or greater extent, but they are and must be known.

Education from an early age can generate great changes in the face of decisions that will be made in the future and how they should be addressed. This does not mean that making the determination is bad , but it must be treated very rigorously.

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